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Sex in Comics! The top to the kinda guy that has a blog only about comic panels! Sexual harassment in the workplace! Sometimes even Superman needs help getting lucky on a first date. Before all you feminists start burning your bras in protest, this is NOT art that objectifies women!Author: Mitch O'connell

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Endless "Dating Don'ts! When one panel has the words "Boners," "Dick," and "Come" in it, you know it HAS to be included! Thought I'd add one non-gay Batman and Robin panel to balance things out.

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Did I mention that tyhis blog is bought to you by the new, and equally sexy, book, "The World's Best Artist"?! The Green Arrow and Speedy deal with their developing bodies. Or- as I've been told after it begins to growand GrowAND GROW, "It's like a nightmare!

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I think those one of those staged tests to see your reaction. Do you call the police or just mind your own business? Good advice! Kids, ALWAYS tell your parents! Rode hard and put away wet. I usually just turn up the TV. Superman is used to carrying Lois around. Another "Dating Don't".

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I think Superboy found an even more sensitive part of the body to punch. On a side note- to get a FREE daily M. O'C tattoo design on Instagram just subscribe to "mitchoconnellart" today! Jo-Jo knows!

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Jimmy is a little tease! Archie comics love the erection sound effect of "BOING" and I'm going to post every single one of 'em! Endless "Dating Don'ts"! Brought to you by the brand new best book of all time all about ME!

Back to the womb part 1.

Back to the womb part 2. Superboy deals with IBS. When robots fall in love. Cheap Ad Placement! Check out my website- www. Is your home lacking in M. O'C merchandise? No worries!

Order something today! It's like being hit with a big red baseball bat. Free M. O'C wallpaper! Did you know I have a new book coming out?

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Dating Don't 4. I can't help but throw in a few that are just too nutty to resist! Why is it so hard for females just to do as they're told? Cheap ad placement! I even have a line of M. O'C shoes coming out! Feel free to fill up your closet with 'em!

The greatest comic panel in the history of comic art! DC Comics of the 50s and 60s usually seemed to be inspired by LSD fever dreams, but the complete disregard for anything based on reality gets my thumb up! How "Superman" doesn't notice a dangling human behind him, and how Jimmy got the beard caught in his pals pants in the first place it's amazing!

Nurse: "Mitchell, you're suffering from exhaustion! If you don't slow down with your hilarious postings, you'll kill yourself! Please, make love to me!

Dating DO! As long as you yell "MINE!

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It's the rule! Dating DO's!

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Always take your date bowling. Always act pissed when acknowledging a compliment.

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Always bring up that you have a rumpus room. If you don't want to lose Dick, always act impressed when he mentions he has a Rumpus Room. Must maintain my erection! If I become flaccid- we're doomed! Dating Don't 8.

I think this might be symbolic of something. I'll do some research and get back to you! Jimmy Olsen was warned not to get into mischief- but he's going to do it anyway! More for the "just plain odd" file. Please no, "I'd like a little head" jokes! This is a CLASSY blog! Dating Don't 9! I'm trying to figure out what "MMMFBMM! Not strictly a comic panel, but a hint that more folks than just myself were finding a few naughty and exciting things hidden away in these funny books! Even clowns need lovin'!

Clark Kent, "Doctor, it's hurts when I pee molten lava! Superman, HELP!

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Jimmy is trapped in the well! The orphanage is on fire! Nuclear war has been declared! Superman is busy. It's sexist to think that only the gals are great cooks! Women are more than just lovely, they're also talented! This seems to be a fine time to mention www. com again. So much fun, fun, fun for everyone!

If I were to break out the dance moves at a party, I'd expect similar comments.

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It's called The Sweet Talk Express. Ladies, get on board! Dating Don't 10!

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Dating Don't 11! Only DC Comics of the '60s would have a horse and Supergirl get hot 'n heavy! I even have a line of very fasionable M. Dating Don't 12! A footnote about many of the "Dating Don't" series which this is

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