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Homemade Root Beer Float Popsicles. Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon G- Features Kryo CPU, Adreno GPU, and X53 5G Modem. The National Legion of Decency pressured Hollywood to keep bikinis from being featured in Hollywood movies. The Hays production code for US movies, introduced in but not strictly enforced tillallowed two-piece gowns but prohibited navels on screen.

But between the introduction and enforcement of the code two Tarzan movies, Tarzan, the Ape Man and Tarzan and His Matewere released in which actress Maureen O'Sullivan wore skimpy bikini-like leather outfits. Film historian Bruce Goldstein described her clothes in the first film as "It's a loincloth open up the side. You can see loin. The girl in the bikini was allowed in Kansas after all the bikini close ups were removed from the film in In reaction to the introduction of the bikini in Paris, American swimwear manufacturers compromised cautiously by producing their own similar design that included a halter and a midriff-bottom variation.

Though size makes all the difference in a bikini, early bikinis often covered the navel. When the navel showed in pictures, it was airbrushed out by magazines like Seventeen. Navel-less women ensured the early dominance of European bikini makers over their American counterparts. By the end of the decade a vogue for strapless styles developed, wired or bound for firmness and fit, along with a taste for bare-shouldered two-pieces called Little Sinners.

But, it was the halterneck bikini that caused the most moral controversy because of its degree of exposure. So much so as bikini designs called "Huba Huba" and "Revealation" were withdrawn from fashion parades in Sydney as immodest. The appearance of bikinis kept increasing both on screen and off. The sex appeal prompted film and television productions, including Dr.

They include the surf movies of the early 's. InBrian Hyland's song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" inspired a bikini-buying spree.

Bythe movie Beach Party, starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, followed by Muscle Beach PartyBikini Beachand Beach Blanket Bingo that depicted teenage girls wearing bikinis, frolicking in the sand with boys, and having a great time. The beach films led a wave of films that made the bikini pop-culture symbol. In the sexual revolution in 's America, bikinis became quickly popular.

Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Gina Lollobrigida, and Jane Russell helped further the growing popularity of bikinis. Pin-up posters of Monroe, Mansfield, Hayworth, Bardot and Raquel Welch also contributed significantly to its increasing popularity.

InPlayboy featured a bikini on its cover for the first time. Two years later, Sports Illustrated featured Berlin-born fashion model Babette March on the cover wearing a white bikini. The issue was the first Swimsuit Issue.

It gave the bikini legitimacy, became an annual publication and an American pop-culture staple, and sells millions of copies each year. Ina woman told Time it was "almost square" not to wear one. When Jayne Mansfield and her husband Miklos Hargitay toured for stage shows, newspapers wrote that Mansfield convinced the rural population that she owned more bikinis than anyone.

She showed a fair amount of her inch 1, mm bust, as well as her midriff and legs, in the leopard-spot bikini she wore for her stage shows. Kathryn Wexler of The Miami Herald wrote, "In the beginning as we know it, there was Jayne Mansfield. Here she preens in leopard-print or striped bikinis, sucking in air to showcase her well noted physical assets. InBond Girl Ursula Andress emerged from the sea wearing a white bikini in Dr. The scene has been named one of the most memorable of the series.

Channel 4 declared it the top bikini moment in film history, Virgin Media puts it ninth in its top ten, and top in the Bond girls. The Herald Glasgow put the scene as best ever on the basis of a poll. It also helped shape the career of Ursula Andress, and the look of the quintessential Bond movie.

Andress said that she owed her career to that white bikini, remarking, "This bikini made me into a success. As a result of starring in Dr. No as the first Bond girl, I was given the freedom to take my pick of future roles and to become financially independent.

That white bikini has been described as a "defining moment in the sixties liberalization of screen eroticism". Because of the shocking effect from how revealing it was at the time, she got referred to by the joke nickname "Ursula Undress". According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, "So iconic was the look that it was repeated 40 years later by Halle Berry in the Bond movie Die Another Day.

Raquel Welch's fur bikini in One Million Years B. The poster image of the deer skin bikini in One Million Years B. made her an instant pin-up girl.

Welch was featured in the studio's advertising as "wearing mankind's first bikini" and the bikini was later described as a "definitive look of the 's". Her role wearing the leather bikini raised Welch to a fashion icon and the photo of her in the bikini became a best-selling pinup poster. One author said, "although she had only three lines in the film, her luscious figure in a fur bikini made her a star and the dream girl of millions of young moviegoers".

InTime listed Welch's B. bikini in the "Top Ten Bikinis in Pop Culture". In the film Return of the Jedi, Star Wars' Princess Leia Organa was captured by Jabba the Hutt and forced to wear a metal bikini complete with shackles.

The costume was made of brass and was so uncomfortable that actress Carrie Fisher described it as "what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell. In51 years after the bikini's debut, and 77 years after the Miss America Pageant was founded, contestants were allowed wear two-piece swimsuits, not just the swimsuits nicknamed "bulletproof vests" traditionally issued by the pageant. Two of the 17 swimsuit finalists wore two-piece swimsuits, and Erika Kauffman, representing Hawaii, wore the briefest bikini of all and won the swimsuit competition.

Inthe International Federation of Bodybuilders recognized Bikini as a new competitive category. Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore appeared in a bikini in An Evening in Parisa film mostly remembered for the first bikini appearance of an Indian actress. She also posed in a bikini for the glossy Filmfare magazine.

The costume shocked the conservative Indian audience, but it also set a trend of bikini-clad actresses carried forward by Parveen Babi in Yeh Nazdeekiyan,Zeenat Aman in Heera Panna ; Qurbani, and Dimple Kapadia in Bobby, in the early 's. Wearing a bikini put her name in the Indian press as one of Bollywood's ten hottest actresses of all time, and was a transgression of female identity through a reversal of the state of modesty, which functions as a signifier of femininity in Bombay films.

Byit became usual for actors in Indian films to change outfits a dozen times in a single song - starting with a chiffon sari and ending up wearing a bikini. But, when Tagore was the chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification inshe expressed concerns about the rise of the bikini in Indian films.

In France, Reard's company folded infour years after his death. As skin cancer awareness grew and a simpler aesthetic defined fashion in the s, sales of the skimpy bikini decreased dramatically. The new swimwear code was epitomized by surf star Malia Jones, who appeared on the June cover of Shape Magazine wearing a halter top two-piece for rough water.

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After the 90's, however, the bikini came back again. On one hand the one-piece made a big comeback in the 's and early 's, on the other bikinis became briefer with the string bikini in the 's and 80's.

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The "-kini family" as dubbed by author William Safireincluding the "-ini sisters" as dubbed by designer Anne Cole has grown to include a large number of subsequent variations, often with a hilarious lexicon - string bikini, monokini or numokini top part missingseekini transparent bikinitankini tank top, bikini bottomcamikini camisole top and bikini bottomhikini, thong, slingshot, minimini, teardrop, and micro.

In just one major fashion show inthere were two-piece suits with cropped tank tops instead of the usual skimpy bandeaux, suits that are bikinis in front and one-piece behind, suspender straps, ruffles, and daring, navel-baring cutouts.

To meet the fast changing tastes, some of the manufacturers have made a business out of making made-to-order bikinis in around seven minutes. The world's most expensive bikini, made up of over carats 30 g of flawless diamonds and worth a massive ?20 million, was designed in February by Susan Rosen. Actresses in action films like Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Blue Crush have made the two-piece "the millennial equivalent of the power suit", according to Gina Bellafonte of The New York Times, On September 9,Miss Maryland Jamie Fox was the first contestant in 50 years to compete in a two-piece swimsuit to compete in the Preliminary Swimsuit Competition at the Miss America Pageant.

PETA used celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Traci Bingham and Alicia Mayer wearing a bikini made of iceberg-lettuce for an advertisement campaign to promote vegetarianism. A protester from Columbia University used a bikini as a message board against a New York City visit by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

By the end of the century, the bikini went on to become the most popular beachwear around the globe, according to French fashion historian Olivier Saillard due to "the power of women, and not the power of fashion".

According to Beth Dincuff Charleston, research associate at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "The bikini represents a social leap involving body consciousness, moral concerns, and sexual attitudes. The bikini has boosted spin-off services like bikini waxing and the sun tanning industries.

The bikini remained a hot topic for the news media. In MayBarcelona, Spain made it illegal to wear bikinis in public except in areas near the beaches. Violators face fines of between and euros. Intwo students of St. Theresa's College in Cebu, the Philippines were barred from attending their graduation ceremony for "ample body exposure" because their bikini pictures were posted on Facebook.

The students sued the college and won a temporary stay in a regional court.

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In MayCambridge University banned the Wyverns Club of Magdalene College from arranging its annual bikini jelly wrestling. In Juneactress Gwyneth Paltrow, who also is interested in fashion, produced a bikini for her clothing line that is designed to be worn by girls 4 to 8 years old.

She was criticized for sexualizing young children by Claude Knight of Kidscape, a British foundation that strives to prevent child abuse. He commented, "We remain very opposed to the sexualization of children and of childhood is a great pity that such trends continue and that they carry celebrity endorsement. Four women were arrested over the Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for indecent exposure when they wore thong bikinis that exposed their buttocks.

In Junethe British watchdog agency Advertising Standards Authority banned a commercial that showed men in an office fantasizing about their colleague, played by Pamela Anderson, in a bikini for degrading women. Happy Holidays to all my dear followers!

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Posing for hubby and showing what his friends and my escort clients are missing at the moment! My darling hubby is really so adorable!! There had been one of his colleagues that I really fancied but he had never arranged one of my special weekends with him. Well he asked him last week and it turns out he fancies the panties off me! So here we are, a fantastic weekend awaits with a hunk of a man that are I am wet to make love to me!

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Yellow Purple Fishnet. Anti-Feminists UNITE!! View all All Photos Tagged mature wives. A poetic moment by Julie Bracken. Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn't fit for humans now, There isn't grass to graze a cow. Swarm over, Death! Come, bombs and blow to smithereens Those air -conditioned, bright canteens, Tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans, Tinned minds, tinned breath.

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But spare the bald young clerks who add The profits of the stinking cad; It's not their fault that they are mad, They've tasted Hell. It's not their fault they do not know The birdsong from the radio, It's not their fault they often go To Maidenhead And talk of sport and makes of cars In various bogus-Tudor bars And daren't look up and see the stars But belch instead. In labour-saving homes, with care Their wives frizz out peroxide hair And dry it in synthetic air And paint their nails.

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IN ANTIQUITY Pre-Roman In the Chalcolithic era around BC, the mother-goddess of Catalhoyuk, a large ancient settlement in southern Anatolia, was depicted astride two leopards wearing a costume somewhat like a bikini. Roman Artwork dating back to the Diocletian period AD in Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily, excavated by Gino Vinicio Gentile indepicts women in garments resembling bikinis in mosaics on the floor.

Interval Between the classical bikinis and the modern bikini there has been a long interval. Breakthrough InAustralian swimmer and performer Annette Kellerman was arrested on a Boston beach for wearing a form-fitting sleeveless one-piece knitted swimming tights that covered her from neck to toe, a costume she adopted from England, although it became accepted swimsuit attire for women in parts of Europe by Films of holidaymakers in Germany in the 's show women wearing two-piece suits, Necklines and midriff By the 's, necklines plunged at the back, sleeves disappeared and sides were cut away and tightened.

Postwar Fabric shortage continued for some time after the end of the war. The modern bikini French fashion designer Jacques Heim, who owned a beach shop in the French Riviera resort town of Cannes, introduced a minimalist two-piece design in May which he named the "Atome," after the smallest known particle of matter. The Cannes connection Despite the controversy, some in France admired "naughty girls who decorate our sun-drenched beaches".

Member since Sep posts. Pics of wives / GF on boat - NSFW Posted. by Palmetto on 6/10/14 at am. 29 4. Hopefully one of you is sick at home or bored and will go through all pages (I've done the first 30) of this epic thread and post the best pics. Thanks in advance

Legal and moral resistance The swimsuit was declared sinful by the Vatican and was banned in Spain, Portugal and Italy, three countries neighboring France, as well as Belgium and Australia, and it remained prohibited in many US states. Rise to popularity The appearance of bikinis kept increasing both on screen and off. In India Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore appeared in a bikini in An Evening in Parisa film mostly remembered for the first bikini appearance of an Indian actress.

Acceptance In France, Reard's company folded infour years after his death. Continued controversies The bikini remained a hot topic for the news media. Links: en. Alicia Dwyer Fort Worth, Texas. Take It Easy by Lynda A. Bare Feet In Air 1 by wrinkledgal. Bare Feet In Air 3 by wrinkledgal.

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