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Corfe Castle is strategically positioned on top of a steep chalk mound, surrounded by a defensive ditch. The Castle's defenders could prepare for any attack on the Purbeck Hills coming from Poole Harbour on the South Purbeck Coast. The position of the Castle, high on the mound, made it appear almost impenetrable to invading forces. The Corfe Castle of the 21st century is very different to that of its early life. Today, there are still magnificent views over the surrounding countryside, but they are enjoyed by tourists, rather than kings, queens and knights.

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Though the Castle now lies in ruins, many of its defences can still be seen today. The Castle's first line of defence, the Outer Gatehouse, now welcomes visitors, not enemies.


Look up from the South-west Gatehouse and you will see murderholes, where defending soldiers would have poured rocks on their enemies. With walls punctured by arrow-slits and crowned with the remnants of the battlement, it is no wonder the Castle was known as 'the most secure of all English Castles'. Today, the Castle terraces are far removed from the hustle and bustle of medieval times.

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However they do prove very popular with visitors. Families often picnic on the grass, and more often than not, can be seen rolling down the slopes! Following the fall of the Castle, much of the stone was removed and used to build the neighbouring village. The Castle was then left for nature to reclaim. Wild flowers thrived on the grassy terraces, and ivy began to climb the walls. Soon Victorian tourists began flocking to the Castle to enjoy the picturesque and romantic ruin.

You can still enjoy the magic of the Castle today. The Castle is perfect for adventurers of any age.

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From the depths of the dungeon to the highest point on the hill, the Castle is full of interesting nooks and crannies ripe for investigating. Imagine having to defend the Castle as you peer through the arrow-slits, discover what it was like to live within the Castle during medieval times, and of course re-enact sword battles to defend your picnic from hungry raiders!

The Corfe Castle and Purbeck estate covers about 8, acres of the Isle of Purbeck and includes an extensive stretch of coastline, including such delights as Studland Beach, Old Harry Rocks, Dancing Ledge and Seacombe Cove. Nearby Kingston Lacy has a past that is inextricably linked with the history of the Castle. Following the dramatic fall of Corfe Castle, Kingston Lacy was built as the new family home by Ralph, the second son of Sir John and Lady Mary Bankes.

If you want to find out more about 'Brave Dame Mary' and her family, Kingston Lacy is well worth a trip.

Studland beach and nature reserve is home to many rare birds and invertebrates. Drop into the visitor centre to find out more about the Studland nature trails and birds, plants, snakes and lizards you might see. While you are there, don't forget about the three miles of sandy beach! The charming village of Corfe Castle nestles at the foot of the mound.

Stone from the Castle was pillaged to build the village as we see it today. The nearby Corfe Common is a haven for botanists and historians. Much of the land has not been ploughed for centuries and as such is rich in wild flowers, stone age flint workings and bronze age burial mounds.

Purbeck's heathland is home to many rare plants and creatures.

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All of the heathland is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and as such is carefully managed to maintain natural biodiversity and to protect the heath for future generations.

During the medieval period Purbeck was intensively quarried for its distinctive limestone. Purbeck stone can be seen around the country, including in famous buildings such as Westminster Abbey. Today, the remaining quarries serve as a reminder of the importance of Purbeck stone, not only to the local economy but also to Britain's architectural heritage.

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The Dorset coastline is extremely honoured to be classified as a World Heritage site, known as the Jurassic Coast. You can turn amateur dinosaur hunter and spend some enjoyable hours foraging on the beach for evidence of prehistoric life. A castle's history is nothing without the inhabitants. If the walls could talk, they would undoubtedly speak of the treachery and bloodshed that had taken place inside the Castle.


Here are just a few of the many colourful characters that we know had some involvement with the Castle:. Legend has it that Corfe was the scene of Edward the Martyr's murder in The teenage king is said to have been on a hunting trip in Purbeck, when he was set upon and stabbed.

The order for his death supposedly came from Elfryda, his wicked step-mother, so that her son Ethelred could succeed to the throne. King John built on Corfe Castle's formidable reputation during his reign - as he used the Castle as a royal treasury. Treasure wasn't the only thing the wayward king kept there though. He also used the Castle to imprison his niece, Princess Eleanor the Fair Maid of Brittany.

John spent much time and money improving the Castle's defences. During his reign, Edward I re-modelled the Castle's Outer Gatehouse.

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He made it two storeys high with ramparts above, three sets of arrow-slits, a drawbridge, a murderhole, a portcullis, another murderhole, a thick oak gate and drawbar, extra guards and even added another portcullis! By the end of the refit, the Castle was absolutely impregnable. In Edward I's reign the Constable of Corfe Castle was the fourth highest paid Constable in England, highlighting the Castle's importance in the medieval period.

By the Castle had become a country house rather than a fortress. Elizabeth I sold the Castle to her friend and Chancellor, Sir Christopher Hatton, thereby ending its years as a royal home.

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During the 17th century, the Castle was home to the Bankes family, who were staunch Royalists. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, the Castle was attacked by Parliamentarians.

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With Sir John away from the Castle, defending the home fell to Lady Bankes and her family, 80 defenders, a cannon and some loyal servants. They successfully held the Castle. Two years later however, during a second siege, Lady Bankes was betrayed by one of her garrison, Col.

Lady Bankes survived the siege and moved to her family home in Middlesex.

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She died there As with the Tower of London, Corfe always had resident ravens. Many believed that something terrible would happen if the ravens left the castle.

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According to local legend, that is exactly what happened in Induring the Civil War, Corfe was besieged by Cromwell's men, and three years after the Castle was all but destroyed. Whether the ravens knew of the troubled future of the Castle, we cannot say, but they are definitely back - even though the Castle is crumbling!

Ravens have been seen roosting and trying to nest around the Castle sincebut were sadly unsuccessful. However, inthey finally found a place to nest. Shortly after, two healthy fledglings hatched. They have successfully bred since then and if you're visiting the Castle between February and May, keep a look out for these fabulous birds.

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It's not only ravens that enjoy the Castle's hospitality. You can also see Grey Wagtails and Peregrine Falcons in and around the Castle. In the winter, Black Redstarts can be seen bobbing around the walls, and you can often witness majestic buzzards soaring between the hills.

Gift Aid Admission Standard Admission prices in brackets Castle: adult ?7. Paying visitors and members arriving by public transport offered a voucher redeemable at the National Trust shop or tea-room in Corfe Castle. Delightful licensed 18th-century tea-room, with tea garden. Enjoy a traditional Dorset cream tea with local clotted cream.

Treat yourself to a light lunch and homemade pudding.

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Locally made gifts in our shop in the village square. Pay and display at Castle View, off A yards walk uphill to castle.

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Members free. Norden park and ride all-day parking, ? mile walk to castle and West Street in village pay and displayneither National Trust. Suitable for school groups. Hands-on activities. Interactive exhibition at Castle View.

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The latest tweets from @amateur_nude_ The Square, Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset BH20 5EZ. Telephone: (Infoline) One of Britain's most majestic ruins and once a controlling gateway through the Purbeck Hills, the castle boasts breathtaking views and several waymarked walks. The demolition of the castle in by the Parliamentarians marked the end of a rich history as Support Videos Shop South Beach T-Shirt \r\rBest Viewing on a 4K or HD TV. The Bigger, The Better! \rMusic: All Good In The Wood by Audionautix.\rAll Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (\rArtist: \r(YouTube Audio Library)
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