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He was always very gentle, used abundant lubricant and would always stop at the hint of any discomfort I had. I was quite amazed that with certain limitations I could accept his whole penis in my anus.

  If you haven't tried anal sex, you might be curious what it feels like. Here, 12 men who've tried it explain the sensation of anal sex-and why it feels so good   They postulate that anal sex may simply dilate and stretch the anal sphincter muscle and eventually cause damage to the muscles themselves, and/or cause sensory nerve damage leading to loss of sphincter sensation and control. Given the mechanism cited above, this study has several important weaknesses If you have any pain or bleeding from the anal area, stop anal sex and don't have sex again until you have seen a doctor. If you have anal sex when your skin is broken or damaged, you are at increased risk of HIV or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It can also lead to further damage of the area. Suspicion of deliberate injury

Now however, I am having ireggularities and constipation in my bowels for an extended period of time. I have ceased having sex with this large individual for the past 6 months. I have had a full colonscopy with no apparent findings although I was too embarrassed to specifically tell the Dr doing the colonoscopy that I have had anal sex in the past.

Was anal damage from sex version And all?

Is it possible that a large penis when inserted gently without pain can still do damage and not be revealed in a colonoscopy? I noticed after have sex with him that it would take a number of days before I could have a normal bowel movement. This never occurred when i had anal sex with smaller sized men. Read Responses. Pepper Schwartz, Ph. It is possible that constipation might occur with a large penis impacting fecal materials over a period of time- but I don't know why you would be having irregularities and constipation long after the man was out of your life.

I know its embaressing to talk about this with a doctor- but I think you should.

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There is probably some other reason for continuing constitpation, etc that does not relate back to your sex life- but the doctor should have all the facts so he can make a diagnosis. Believe me, doctors have heard everything- and anal sex is not rare.

He or she needs to know what you have been doing just to give you better medical attention and analysis. I am not a medical doctor so I don't know what other kind of compliations could occur.

Anal damage from sex

I do know that anal sex can cause temporary constipation but I think something else may be going on that is causing your continuing problems. In any case, go see a doctor to see if there is any medical information about your specific situation. Helpful - 1.

I work for a cancer center and anal sex can burst blood vessels and cause some serious complications! A lot of our colon cancer patients are gay men and one of the questions that we ask as a screen when we see new patients that are being seen for colon cancer asks the if they repeatedly have had anal sex.

A lot of the women answer yes!

How To Have Safe Anal Sex

It is a great big opening for HIV! Thanks but no thanks if my coochie isn't good enough for my DH anymore exit left! Good thing I have one of those DH's that thinks it is absolutely gross to have anal sex! I think it's certainly safe to say that if it didn't hurt during anal, then he didn't do any damage. Therefore, whatever's going on now has nothing to do with your previous anal experiences. However, you should still never be afraid to tell your doctor anything I would highly recommend reading "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Jack Morin.

It is definitely the anal bible-everything you wanted to know about your anus and then some I didn't know we had an anal sex educator on the forum. Heck, I didn't know one could be an anal sex educator. Seriously, I aplogize if I stepped on toes with this one.

  Anal sex enthusiasts can relax (a good thing to do during anal sex!), because contrary to what you heard, anal sex does not loosen the anus or cause an inability to control bowel movements. However, there can be risks associated with anal sex other than sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so it's important to take steps to minimize these risks   While some women can orgasm from anal sex alone, some orgasm when clitoral stimulation is involved. Some men can also orgasm from recieving anal penetration, such as if you're pegging your partner   Hey Doc if you could answer my question id appreciate it anyways I am a 20 year old female and i have been using anal sex toys for approx a year now. I dont know why but I

You seem to have a lot of knowledge on the topic. I will give credit where credit is due. I will NEVER have experience in this area. I do, however, disagree with your comment about whatever comes in must come out.

That may be true with your area of expertise, but not always with fecal matter. I remember for years, she had difficulty going to the bathroom. She would be constipated for weeks at a time.

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When they removed her rectum and part of her colon, they found toxic, fecal matter built up inside. If a digestive system is unregulated, it can cause all kinds of havoc. No, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to know it all. I have researched a lot of health issues, and truly stand by this. You also mentioned that things like colonics are quackery. I do agree that some people are looking to make a quick buck off of poor souls who want so desperately to find a healthy cure.

There ARE many alternative health practitioners who are legitimate though, and who have the best interest of their patients in mind.

Many herbal remedies have been used for centuries with researched and documented positive effects.

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If you wish others to be open minded about the joys of anal pleasure, please reciprocate and be open minded about health practices you may not follow. Helpful - 0. thanks for all of your comments.

I have just ordered the book you mentioned. I can imagine there could be nerve damage that hinders the usual feeling of "having to go".

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There are a lot of misconceptions about anal in general even among doctors, sex therapists, etc. However, if you're relaxed, you can probably take more than you realize. Some people are really into anal fisting and anal stretching in general, and suffer no resulting damage-and a fist or some of the huge butt plugs I've seen are a lot bigger than any penis I've ever seen ;- You would just be amazed at how much your body can adapt to.

The key is to use lots and lots of lube, go slow, and stop doing whatever if you feel pain. That's why numbing creams are such a horrible idea for anal sex. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. i just cant imagine what would make a person want a fist up their butt or someone wanting to!

Quite right, MF Mind you, during childbirth it is hard to tell where any pain is coming from. When you are delivering a pumpkim through a keyhole, there is no more feeling for anal or vaginal. It is all madness with a happy ending. And PK, some people like to get hemmorhoids, I guess. Well, I'm a sex educator, and I've done an enormous amount of research. Plus I'm interested in all things medical. Unfortunately, you've touched on one of my major pet peeves.

The whole concept of trapping fecal matter and building up toxic material in your intestines is absolute nonsense. I think you might be imagining your intestines are like a stopped-up pipe, where material has collected on the inner walls, slowing down the drain.

But that isn't how it works. Anything you push back in is going to come out with the rest. I would suggest you read the book I suggested previously, Anal Pleasure and Health. I would also suggest you do some reading on the process of digestion. And back to the actual topic: it's fine if you don't like anal; it's definitely not for everyone.

But don't discount it as unhealthy for everyone just because it doesn't appeal to you. just remember that the longer the penis, the further everything gets rammed up in there even if embaressing, you need to be honest with your dr.

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he cant properly diagnose if he doesnt know right? good luck!

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You mean a CANCER CENTER believes that anal sex may be unhealthy? I guess that would count as a medical site. Do you think THEY know what they are talking about, MonkeyFlower?

Well, working in a cancer center doesn't automatically make you an expert on cancer risks. A lot depends on your job, training, openness, etc.

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However, "It is a great big opening for HIV," is true for several reasons. And if you contract a high-risk strain of HPV anally, that can cause anal cancer, which may be one of the reasons they ask about anal sex. But anal sex itself certainly does NOT cause colon cancer. It does not cause impacted feces or whatever else you think.

I am so sorry your mother died from colon cancer; that can be a long and excruciatingly painful process for everyone involved.

I'm an otherwise healthy and circumcised 26 year old man. I got pressured into my first and only sexual encounter about five months ago, So the chlamydia infection was weeks ago, and you have been married for 15 years?

Chlamydia wouldn't be caused by anal sex, but can be transmitted by anal sex. Chlamdydia isn't caused by any sexual positions - its caused by a bacteria that you can only get from sex. The only way it could have been brought into your marriage is if someone stepped out of the marriage. If you have chlamdyia again, then either your treatment didn't work, you had sex too soon after treatment, or someone had sex again with someone who is infected.

  Dear Alice, Here is my situation: My b/f and I had anal sex, and this was not the first time we've done it. But this time was different. After we were done I noticed there was something that kind of just popped out from my bottom. It's like a piece of your skin or muscle or something. I kept trying to push it back in, but it keeps coming back out   Your question: Does anal sex cause health problems or diseases? Can it make you incontinent? The expert answers: If you are curious about exploring anal sex, the key to keeping it   Anal sex can be a great way to have fun with your partner. You just need to give this new sexual adventure a bit of planning and preparation. As long Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

I'm sorry - it seems you have some things to work out. Helpful - 0. thanks for the post. I guess I was just hoping that he had contracted the bacteria from anal sex with me that could have caused the prostate problem. I had read that the prostate infrection he has is due to an STD such as chlamydia which could be contract through vaginal or anal sex, but I guess that is only after you have gotten the STD.

I was hoping that because of the anal sex he had gotten the bacteria that way.

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I guess I know better as the first bout of this was years ago and though I do not have my test results back againI I know enough about my body to know what is happening. You are right I guess we have some things to work out! Thank you again. Prostate problems aren't always from STDs. They can be caused by many things, and he should be following up with his doctor for this. Good luck! Next Question.

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How Do You Get Genital Herpes? What Do Herpes Sores Look Like at Different Stages?

  Rough anal sex may damage the walls of the anus, injuring the muscles and skin. Summary The sensation of anal sex may feel unfamiliar or uncomfortable, even to   Kerner says anal sex can trigger a bout of it, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a mood killer. No matter what, keep this in mind: "If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong," says Kerner I have read that chlamydia can be spread through the bacterioa from anal sex. Of course we do not have sex vaginally after anal sex it is usually not for weeks later as we have been married 15 years. I guess my question is if my husband has given me chlamydia is is possible it is from anal sex we could have had weeks ago or am I wishful thinking

What Causes Sores on Your Genitals? What Are the 10 Most Common STDs?

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Millions of people are diagnosed with STDs in the U. each year. Can I Get STDs Through Casual Contact Like Hugging or Touching? STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.

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