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  If you're curious about GI issues and anal sex, you should read this. And remember that, hey, sh*t happens   Practicing safe anal sex is not as intuitive as safe vaginal sex, so spoke with five doctors about how to keep your back door healthy when you do it in the butt   When your colonoscopy reveals that you have diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, or both November 14, In most cases, you won't know they're

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  For reference, the diameter of an adult colonoscope, which is designed to be inserted into the anus, is inches (Olympus CF-HQL, mm OD). This is roughly one-third the diameter of the average erect Frederick Gandolfo, MD   They probably wouldn't be able to tell you've had anal sex specifically unless you have it right before the procedure. Although, I do have to wonder why you are getting a colonoscopy and if you are having trouble with that part of you body, maybe you should refrain from anal sex for a while   That it will say you've engaged in receptive anal sex? Because if you're out, people have already whispered to each other about you and buttsex. What is it the staff will be able to leak that you don't want people to hear? Also, most of the record of your exam will likely be boring medical jargon and/or on the video of the colonoscopy

And Prince is correct. If you are uncomfortable talking about it, you might ask him to keep everything confidential.

just as a reminder. My doctor knows things about me that only she and my husband know. I am totally honest with her about my activities.

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I have acid reflux and every 3 yrs have to have a colonoscopy procedure. It's no big deal at all thanks to you both for your replies. the specialist GastroEnterologist is not someone i know particularly well, but he is very good friends with a very good friend of mine, and he is also obviously obligated to send a report to my primary doctor, who i also have many social connections with unavoidable on a small island.

i am not saying that any doctor would intentionally violate privacy, however there are dozens of office staff with access to records, and many people handle them in the process of faxing, sending, receiving, etc.

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its no biggie if you live in NYC or London and you are anonymous. but if you live in a very small town or island where everyone knows everyone, and you are also well known yourself, its almost impossible to prevent leakage so to speak. none of them need to know that i am having anal sex with my studly hung BF, and LOVIN it, i might add and i woudl prefer to keep it that way, since it is irrelvant to them we are both relatively young and totally disease free and up until recently we always used condoms until we just realized we really don't have to since we are monagamous and no diseases and no 3rd parties, etc.

to the person that posted "YES your doctor can determine if you are having anal sex", would you be willing to elaborate more on "how" or what signs they use to assess this, and if possible how long one might opt to refrain from anal sex to avoid such scrutiny.

Anal sex colonoscopy

thanks and i hope this doesn't sound paranoid, just trying to maintain privacy in a difficult arena aloha all, abu. Penis Aficionado Legendary Member.

I don't know much about frequently fucked buttholes, but I can tell you it's a really big deal for doctors to break confidentiality in the way you fear. First of all, it's a violation of a federal law called HIPA. Second, it leaves them open to lawsuits, and doctors hate lawsuits.

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Gelflingfay and braalian like this. hithanks for your reply yes i am aware of legal ramifications, but i am concerned more about the casual leaks that are inevitable, as dozens of people in the doctors office have access to your records, especially for filing, mailing, faxing to other doctors, etc i live in a relatively small town on a small island Hawaii, Big Island, but not so big so gossip is everywhere, and thus looking to avoid scrutiny if at all possible thanks for your suggestionsabu.

Again, not an expert here I dont think there is a time of refraining that will change the doctors ability to know.

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Total colonoscopy : Rectum

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  My wife is scheduled to have her 1st routine colonoscopy 2 days before our Anniversary. Will she be able to have vaginal sex that soon after? (doctor has not given her any instructions of the do's and don'ts yet and here it is a Friday night her curiosity has gotten the best of us)   no, a colonoscopy can not tell between anal sex and routine small dildo use. both of these behaviors can be completely missed on a routine colonoscopy if there are no scar tissue in the rectum. the GI doctor usually does not discuss the results of the colonoscopy with you affer the procedure. he usually just dictates a report of what he sees   Question. Im undetectable and will be going through a colonoscopy. As a bottom, how soon after the test can I have sex? Answer. Probably something to

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I am not going to have colonoscopy, no. It just occurred to me that anal play, influencing the sensitivity, might affect how one perceives colonoscopy. So, people who have had anal and colonoscopy, in whatever order, could you describe to me what it felt like? I'm just a curious newbie to this. 5   Women Reveal Their Most Awkward Anal Sex Stories Ever "Apparently, we used too much lube and our lovemaking turned into some sort of freaky colonoscopy   However, if you are having problems like rectal pain, rectal bleeding, etc. then it is probably best to stop having any anal sex until the cause is figured out. Thanks, patient No pain or anything. Just a routine colonscopy because of family history and some issues a while back. I forgot to ask my doctor on my last visit and you know how it

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