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  One month later, on my second visit, he noticed there was no new growth, but also no reduction in size. This was still good news. Now he suggested to start a series of treatments where the warts are treated with acid and freezing in a "light" and ongoing way (compared to a single intense treatment such as laser), along with the imiquimod cream   Sinecatechins (Veregen). This cream is used for treatment of external genital warts and warts in or around the anal canal. Side effects, such as reddening of the skin, itching or burning, and pain, are often mild. Don't try to treat genital warts with over-the-counter wart removers

Upon my first meeting with a new proctologist, I instantly felt a certain openness and comfort in our conversation. After a new examination, and after saying how anxious I was about a second laser surgery, he suggested we try a cream called imiquimod.

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One month later, on my second visit, he noticed there was no new growth, but also no reduction in size. This was still good news. My visits with this new proctologist continue to be productive and communicative. Genital warts can be rather stubborn and require multiple treatments.

  Surgery for warts on groin may be a suitable option if other treatments aren't helpful with removal, or when warts are widespread. External dick warts or those on outer areas of the vagina, or anus, can be surgically removed through excision (cutting warts off) with a scalpel The available treatment for anal warts is as follows: Topical medicaments are prescribed for small sized anal warts. The drugs like trichloroacetic acid, podophyllin, podofilox, imiquimod and bichloroacetic acid are commonly available as cream or ointment formulation   A doctor can apply liquid nitrogen to remove anal warts. This freezes the wart tissue, causing it to fall off. Alternatively, a doctor may apply an acid solution, involving trichloracetic or

I asked him whether I should stop having anal sex, in hopes that would prevent the further growth of the warts and prevent transmission. His response was both neutral yet still sex positive. Although some people do choose to stop having anal sex, there is no guarantee that this will prevent new warts from forming.

And, sexually active people are still often carriers of HPV and can still easily transmit HPV even in the absence of warts. One of the many ways I practice safer sex is to ask my sex partners, as often as possible, about sexual history. Now I include genital warts in the discussion.

Anal warts treatment

I always accept their decision. HPV can also be transmitted during contact other than anal sex - such as kissing, fingering, and oral sex - when condoms are not used.

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I also want to offer a special tip for everyone who loves to bottom: Take some time to finger yourself and feel the inside of your ass. This puts you in touch with the sensations and textures of this region of our body.

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Over time, if you begin to feel any textures that feel foreign, see your doctor to have it checked out. Detecting anal warts early will mean the treatment process can be more focused and effective.

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Through everything I have learned I am better able to accept the situation, and it no longer is a cause of anxiety. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone.

They do not reflect the opinions or positions of BETA or of San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Get info about everything from douching to fissures with this series on all things anal. Visit sfaf. Sexual health.

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My experience with anal warts. By Michael in Berlin. August 28, 5 Minute Read.

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Never apply podofilox internally.

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Additionally, this medication isn't recommended for use during pregnancy. Side effects can include mild skin irritation, sores or pain. Don't try to treat genital warts with over-the-counter wart removers. These medications aren't intended for use in the genital area.

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You might need surgery to remove larger warts, warts that don't respond to medications or, if you're pregnant, warts that your baby can be exposed to during delivery. Surgical options include:.

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You're likely to start by seeing your family doctor. Women might schedule an appointment with their gynecologists. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

  Using turmeric is one of the must-try home remedies for anal warts treatment. Turmeric provides many necessary nutrients for human health. It contains some vitamins such as vitamin K, E, and C, as well as other minerals. The main substance in turmeric is curcumin that has some medical activities such as anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties [15]   These treatments include: Cryotherapy. This procedure uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts. After freezing, the warts fall off. Electrocautery. In this procedure, doctors use an electric current to burn off the warts. Laser treatments. Laser therapy uses energy transmitted from an intense light. Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Internal anal warts may not respond to topical medications, so surgery may be required. Treatment options include: Topical medication: These creams usually work best if the warts are very small and located only on the skin around the anus

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Diagnosis Genital warts are often diagnosed by appearance. Sometimes a biopsy might be necessary. Pap tests Pap test Open pop-up dialog box Close. Pap test In a Pap test, your doctor uses a vaginal speculum to hold your vaginal walls apart and to see the cervix.

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More Information Pap smear. Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic.

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In: Infectious Diseases. Elsevier; Accessed Oct. Anogenital warts. Mayo Clinic; Scheinfeld N. Condylomata acuminata anogenital warts in adults: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features and diagnosis.

Genital warts: A fact sheet from the Office on Women's Health.

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Grennan D. Genital warts. JAMA patient page. HPV vaccine scheduling and dosing.

Genital Warts - Do You Have Them?

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