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Similar to a narcissist, a person with ASPD is highly manipulative in nature.

One of the ways in which this tendency manifests itself is chronic lyingeven conning people - and just for the fun of it. Being antisocial by nature, he has very little regard for the law and other people. No matter what you do, he will feel neither guilt nor remorse for actions. He is unable to feel empathy for others, so he will need professional help to get him to change his ways. Little wonder then that the colloquial term for someone with this condition is sociopath. Lying all the time can also be a symptom of pathological lying.

Pathological lying can be a symptom of antisocial personality disorder ASP histrionic personality disorder HPD or even narcissistic personality disorder NPD. Here the person lies compulsively repeatedly, without feeling any shame or guilt and without having a particular reason. No matter which of the above maladies your coworker is suffering from, know that you cannot fix it simply by shaming or exposing them.

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If she takes everything personally, chances are high she has Borderline Personality Disorder BPD. This happens because of a mental state called hypervigilance, which typically translates into misreading facial expressions, misinterpreting verbal and non-verbal communication for someone with BPD.

For example, if you raise your eyebrows in the middle of a serious conversation, she might accuse you of being insincere or sarcastic. Or if you are unable to help her out because you are busy, she will assume that you are refusing to help here because you are angry with her for some reason. So if you routinely find yourself being blamed for saying something you never said or meant, now you know why she is overreacting or jumping to conclusions.

Whether he has generalized anxiety disorder GAD or social anxiety disorder SA he is going to earn a reputation of being a flake.

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Not to mention the damage this does to his social life- the more often he cancels, the less frequently he gets invited to other events. One of the consequences of having depression is reduced empathy. The sufferer is so wrapped up in self-pity and sorrow that she has little emotional energy to feel for others.

She becomes apathetic as it is a coping mechanism to deal with the overwhelming nature of depression. The disorder ensures that she thinks negatively about her past, feels worthless, believes that her future is going to be just as bleak, and so on.

That is why she barely reaches out to you when you suffer a personal tragedy like say, your pet dog dies. Can you imagine what a terrible boss this makes him? A perfectionist by nature, he thinks that he knows best and that others should emulate his ways if they want great work to be the outcome. His preoccupation with perfectionism is what makes him closed to new ways of doing something. He thus becomes a bully as he refuses to listen to new ideas and opinions and wants his subordinates to only do what he expects of them.

Criticism comes naturally to him but he cannot take it himself, so make sure you do not criticize him as it will offend him.

Expect to deal with irritants like excessive micromanagement and impossibly high standards. Consistent suspicion and grudge holding are two classic signs of a Paranoid Personality Disorder PPD. Suspicion stems from her belief that people are out to deceive, exploit, or harm her.

She also strongly believes that people cannot be trusted as they are unable to be loyal. With this in mind, let alone talk about personal issues, she does not share even basic personal information with others as she is afraid they will use the information she has shared in order to harm her in some way.

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The tendency to hold grudges also stems from this pervasive suspicion. To her, the insult or threat is very real, and she is prone to not forgiving easily and holding a grudge for a very long time. Worse, she responds aggressively and quickly to both real and imagined insults. Extreme suspicion and grudge holding are also symptoms of borderline personality disorder BPD.

Throw up a large canvas sheet, get the projector plugged in and cuddle up on some outdoor beanbags for a night under the stars. There is something magical about those summer nights and watching a movie outside lets you capture the full magic of it. And to make movie night even more delicious, serve up some s'mores and popcorn as the snacks of choice that night. Summertime is for trying new things, so why not end this summer with a new skill?

If you live by a lake, try taking up waterskiing or wakeboarding?

Or if you are at the beach, take that surf lesson that has been on your bucket list for years already. And if you aren't by a body of water, why not dust off those hiking shoes and go for an adventure up a mountain?

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There are so many summer activities that you have time to try out and you are sure to find a new passion that will keep you looking forward to next summer as well. Music festivals are finally making a comeback. And there is no better way to cap off the summer than by having a weekend filled with dancing, singing and being care-free in a joyous environment. So hop online and find the nearest musical festival to you, get those tickets and start looking forward to dancing your way through the rest of summer.

Nothing quite says summer like a day spend on a boat. Whether it is on someone's private boat or an organized cruise to see some local marine life, being on a boat is such a fabulous way to spend the remainder of summer.

Or consider renting kayakys to explore the local rivers, lakes or waterways. Being on the water is meditative while the freedom a boat provides will create an adventure that will be a highlight of your whole year.

Whild the national parks in America are open all year round, visiting in the summer provides you more daylight to explore them more. With summer wrapping up, the majority of families will be back home, meaning you have more of nature to enjoy for yourself. Visit half-dome in Yosemite National Park, climb Angel's Landing in Zion National Park or be amazed by the incredible scenery at Bryce Canyon National Park. To really get the most bang for your buck, get the National Parks pass so you can get a discount and maximize the amount of parks you can visit this summer and next.

With summer wrapping up, there are tons of great last-minute deals that will give you a great incentive to spoil yourself. Book into a spa for the day, escape to a boutique hotel overnight or go on a weekend wellness retreat.

The end of summer is the perfect time to reset and go into the autumn season feeling balanced and revitalized. While we wish summer could stay forever, we sure are grateful it treated us better this year than last year. From taking your final summer adventures to throwing parties with your best friends, there are still plenty of items to tick off your summer bucket list.

What one will you be doing first? When you are arrested for driving under the influence, or DUI, it is naturally a frightening experience. The consequences can be severe, which makes it crucial that you understand how to set up a DUI legal defense.

The most important step you can take toward building a DUI legal defense is to work with an experienced attorney. Not all attorneys have experience in handling DUI cases, so it is important that you find an attorney with the necessary skills. This means working with an attorney who has specific experience in handling such cases and can turn your DUI case into an acquittal.

Keep in mind that time is crucial when handling DUI cases. Valuable evidence may be lost over the passage of time.

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For this reason, it is imperative that you do not delay in hiring an experienced attorney who can work with you to build a successful defense.

Your attorney will have the best possible chance at achieving an acquittal on your behalf if you supply as much help and as many details as possible.

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When you first meet with your attorney, be sure to bring any paperwork related to your arrest. This could include police reports as well as any citations, court information, bonding paperwork, or anything else related to your arrest, including any breath tests.

You should also provide as much information as you can regarding the description of events that led to your arrest.

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Your attorney will need to know what you were doing prior to the arrest, including whether you were drinking and if so, the type of alcohol you consumed and how much. In the event you were not drinking, you should discuss any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, that you may have taken.

Be prepared to discuss what occurred during the traffic stop. For instance, was a field sobriety test administered?

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Were your rights explained to you? How was the field sobriety test conducted? Did you agree to any other types of tests, such as a breath test or blood test? Try to recall as much detail as you can regarding any statements made between you and the police. This applies to events both before the arrest as well as after the arrest.

Make a point of keeping any possible physical evidence, which includes potential damage to your vehicle. At the very least, you should video or photograph your vehicle in the event of a collision to ensure any evidence that could be potentially beneficial to your defense is not lost.

Your attorney may use a variety of information to help build a DUI defense and obtain an acquittal. This could include using the services of a private investigator, toxicologist, medical professional, and others.

Your attorney will analyze every possible detail from the events surrounding your DUI arrest to build the best possible strategy. While this can be a harrowing experience, it is important that you work with your attorney during each step of the process.

Doing so will help you and your attorney build an effective defense. If you have been charged with DUI and need help building a successful defensecall upon an attorney with specific experience in handling DUI cases. Studio apartments are typically square feet or less, utilizing the walls as much as possible.

For many, nothing tops the apartment lifestyle. Affordable rent, access to amenities and other perks make a studio apartment ideally suited to their needs - particularly for young singles.

However, there is no denying that studio apartments, in particular, don't offer much in the way of storage space. While this may be fine for a college student who doesn't need much more than a bed and a place to eat, others may quickly find themselves running out of room.

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As Mike Wolf, director of marketing for Inspired Closets explains, however, careful planning and some creative storage solutions can ensure that you will be able to maximize your living space without feeling overly cramped. If you need to, you could even extend your storage all the way up to the ceiling. Keep the items that you use the most often at eye level, and store lesser-used items at the top. This is a great starting point in any part of your apartment, be it the kitchen or bedroom closet.

Because studio apartments are typically square feet or less, utilizing the walls as much as possible will keep the rest of the room feeling more open, and make it easier to navigate. No two apartment-dwellers are the same - and neither are their possessions. This can sometimes make storage difficult, resulting in a disorganized space filled with visual clutter.

They can even be built with features like adjustable shelves, pull-out jewelry drawers and hampers. A designated space for each category such as jewelry or shoes will also better protect the items in storage.

Better yet, custom closets can be more aesthetically pleasing with a mix of open shelves, drawers and doors that let you display or hide items. Wolf notes that there are many neglected or overlooked areas that could be utilized for storage, but aren't - regardless of whether you're living in a studio apartment or a 10,square foot luxury home.

No matter how small your space, rethinking how you utilize it can unveil new storage opportunities. And you might be surprised to learn how strategic your furniture choices can be in helping you maximize storage.

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For example, ottomans and platform beds provide built-in storage drawers or cubbies where you can keep extra bedding, linens, towels and clothing. Closet storage shelving is the perfect home for rarely used items that can easily fit on top of your closet storage shelving.

There's almost always more space available, if you just think creatively.

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A defining ct of a studio apartment isn't its size - it is actually the fact that the kitchen, bedroom and living area are all part of one continuous room. Despite this, many studio apartment dwellers will install partial room dividers in an effort to create a sense that these are truly separate spaces. You're still able to separate different areas of your apartment, but you also now have an extra space to organize or display smaller items.

Smart placement of room dividers can go a long way in helping a studio apartment feel more like a traditional space.

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A studio apartment typically won't have as many doors as you'd find in a standard apartment. Other than the entry door, most studio apartments will only have a door separating the bathroom from the rest of the living space, and possibly a closet door. Still, these represent additional storage opportunities for individuals tight on space. As with any other part of a studio apartment, think vertically - you can take advantage of the entire length of the door with a custom storage rack.

Best of all, storing these items on the back of the door keeps them out of sight and out of mind when they aren't needed. As these examples reveal, those who live in studio apartments don't have to deal with endless piles of clutter or rent out a storage unit.

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By taking advantage of unique storage solutions and maximizing how you use each part of your apartment, you'll find that you have plenty of room for your possessions. With smarter storage solutions, you can enjoy all the perks of a studio apartment while eliminating one of its primary drawbacks. An identification tree is determined by studying various parts of the tree, such as the leaves, bark, wood, leaf canopy, and flower.

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In order to identify trees, flowers are essential. Taxonomists define trees according to their leaves, bark, twigs, wood type, canopy shape, flowers, and fruits. Species of trees differ from each other according to certain characteristics.

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You take credit for the accomplishments of your team - why not? They would be nowhere without you. You enjoy lobbing "innocent" comments into meetings that serve no purpose other than to humiliate or cause discomfort to the person on the receiving end. When something goes wrong, you always find some idiot to blame.

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You constantly interrupt people because, after all, what you have to say is more important. Your jokes and teasing can get a bit nasty at times, but you have to admit, they are pretty funny. You love your immediate team and they love you, but are at constant warfare with the rest of the organization. You notice that people seem to avoid eye contact when they talk to you - and they often become very nervous.

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