Native Voice One Albuquerque

Native Voice One

Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Native American life and culture by providing a program service from a Native point of view. This service is for everyone interested in Native American news, culture, music, events, and life. NV1 enables Native people, especially those who do not have access to the many reservation and village-based Native owned and operated stations, to stay connected. Many Native stations and independent radio producers contribute Native-oriented programs to NV1 for inclusion in the NV1 program service. ------ Shows: Earthsongs, AlterNative Voices, National Native News, American Indian Living, Native America Calling, UnderCurrents, Reach the Rez Radio podcast, The Native Voice, Voices from the Circle, Wisdom of the Elders ----- Hosts: Z. Susanne Aikman, David Derose, Kathy Mayo, Lisa Nason, Rod Worl, Gregg Mcvicar:, Matt Fidler, Stacey Winslow, Roanne Robinson Shaddox, Matthew Rantanen, Syd Beane

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