WXEF 97.9 FM Effingham


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Phone: +1 217-347-4979

Coordinates: 206 S Willow Effingham, IL 62401

Contacts: info@thexradio.com

WXEF FM 97.9 is a broadcast Radio station from Effingham, Illinois, United States, providing news, sports, Informative and weather updates programs. Station also plays 80s, 90s, 2k and Today's best music. ------ Shows: The Alan Colmes Show, American Top 20, Financial Report, Flashback Pop Quiz, Powerline, Rock History, Rush Hour Traffic Jam, Sunday Night Candlelight, The Classic 120, The Morning Show, The Polka Monster, Woody`s Deli Request Show, WXEF Birthdays/Anniversaries, WXEF Community Calendar, WXEF Local News, WXEF Local Sports ----- Hosts: Alan Colmes, Dave Ring, Dwight Marxman, George Flextor, Gregg Sapp, Tonya Siner, Greg Sapp

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