WFMU - WFMU 91.9 FM New York City


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Phone: +1 201-521-1416

Coordinates: PO Box 2011, Jersey City, New Jersey 07303


WFMU-FM is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.1 FM in Jersey City, NJ, right across the Hudson from lower Manhattan. WFMU's programming ranges from flat-out uncategorizable strangeness to rock and roll, experimental music, 78 RPM Records, jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop, electronica, hand-cranked wax cylinders, punk rock, gospel, exotica, R&B. ------ Shows: Greasy Kid Stuff, 40 Ounces and a Turntable, Acapulco Dance Party, Advanced D and D, Airborn Event, Antique Phonograph Music Program, Belly of the Beast, Bill Zurat, Bob Brainen, Brian Turner, Bring That Beat Back, Bryce, Charlie, Cherry Blossom Clinic, Coffee Break for Heroes and Villians, Communication Breakdown, Dave Emory, Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine, Downtown Soulville, Dusty Show, Ed Shepp Radio Experiment, Fool's Paradise, Gateway to Joy, Gaylord Fields, Give the Drummer Some, Hatch, I'm Sorry I Had to Kill that Guy, Inflatable Squirrel Carcass, Intelligent Design, Irene Trudel, Irwin, Janitor from Mars, John Allen, Ken, Listener Hour, Liz Berg, Mark Allen, Mike Lupica, Monica, Music Of Our Times, Music to Spazz By, Pat Duncan, Plug and Play, Professor Dum Dum's Lab, Pseu Braun, Reggae Schoolroom, Rotating Hosts, Scott Williams, Seven Second Delay, Shrunken Planet, Sinner's Crossroads, Stan, Stochastic Hit Parade, Teenage Wasteland, The Best Show on WFMU, The Glen Jones Radio Programme, The Speakeasy, This Is the Modern World, Three Chord Monte, Tony Coulter, Transpacific Sound Paradise, WFMU Web Only Programming, World of Echo ----- Hosts: Donna Summer, Joe Belock, Benjamen Walker, Brian Turner, Ken Freedman, Liz Berg, Chris T, Dave Emory, John Allen, Bill Zebub, Clay Pigeon, Fool's Paradise, Dave Mandl, Mary Wing, Matt Groening, Jim Jarmusch, Mark Allen, Acapulco Rodriguez, Mike Adler, R. Lim, Tony Coulter, John Dalton, Scott Williams, Joe Mcgasko, Pat Duncan, Professor Dum Dum, Pseu Braun, Shrunken Planet, Bill Kelly, Tom Scharpling, Frank O'toole, Dan Bodah, Kevin Nutt, Jason Sigal

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