St. Gabriel Catholic Radio - WVSG 820 AM Columbus

St. Gabriel Catholic Radio - WVSG

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Phone: 614-459-4820

Coordinates: 4673 Winterset Dr, Columbus, OH 43220


St. Gabriel Catholic Radio - WVSG is a broadcast radio station in Columbus, Ohio, United States, providing Catholic Education, Talk and Entertainment shows. ------ Shows: : All Things Considered, Car Talk (NPR), Fresh Air (NPR), Humankind, Marketplace, NPR's Morning Edition, On the Media, Talk of the Nation, Talk of the Nation Science Friday, This American Life, Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, Weekend All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday, Weekend Edition Sunday, From Our Own Correspondent (R4 Edition), Global Business, One Planet, The Strand, Assignment, BBC Business Daily, BBC World Business News, BBC World News, Charlie Gillett's World of Music, Heart and Soul, On Point, Politics UK, Science in Action, The Interview, The World Today, To the Best of our Knowledge, World Briefing, BBC Newshour, Open Line, Marketplace Money, Speaking of Faith, Fresh Air Weekend, Travel with Rick Steves, Bob Edwards Weekend, Bluegrass Ramble ----- Hosts: Michele Norris, Robert Siegel, Melissa Block, Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi, David Freudberg, Kai Ryssdal, Steve Chiotakis, Jeremy Hobson, Renee Montagne, Steve Inskeep, Dorothy Hickson, Carlos Rosado, Richard Knox, Neal Conan, Ira Flatow, Annette Heist, Charles Bergquist, Ira Glass, Jessica Hopper, Alex Blumberg, Peter Sagal Sagal, Carl Kasell Kasell, Guy Raz, Scott Simon, Audie Cornish, Tom Ashbrook, Jim Fleming, Steve Paulson, Anne Strainchamps, Tess Vigeland, Terry Gross, Rick Steves, Bob Edwards, Charlie Rose, Alison Brown, David Davis

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